Help create a hunger-free community!

Support the pantry at BACM to ensure that individuals & families have access to the assistance they need to meet their most basic need- food.

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Barberton Area Community Ministries serves the most vulnerable members of our community by making sure their most basic needs are being met. The people who visit our pantry sometimes struggle to make ends meet, and that's where we come in. Our clients are looking for help, not a handout. In fact, more than 62% of our clients visit our pantry three or fewer times per year.

We also work to support children in our community. Children account for 36% of the clients we serve through our pantry, and we provide a weekend food program to an additional 200+ children at Barberton Head Start. Studies show that children do better in school, have fewer illnesses and better cognitive development when they have regular access to healthy, nutritious food.

Making ends meet can be challenging. BACM works to extend household resources through our pantry, Ohio Benefit Bank services and strategic partnerships with organizations like Catholic Charities Community Services of Summit County. We help individuals and families make the most of what they have, and offer assistance when they don't have enough. It's our way of providing Hope and Help for Those in Need!